Admiral Chu

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Admiral Chu
Icon Character Admiral Chu.png
Captain Captain
Brave.png Brave
The Zapp Brannigan Event
Wheeling and Side Dealing
Combat Style:
Rank 2: Passive Defend.png
Rough Skin
Admiral Chu's defense is increased by 20%. Admiral Chu reflects 25% of the damage dealt to him.
Rank 3: Passive Taunt.png
War Negotiations
Admiral Chu's basic attack has a 35% chance to taunt a target for 2 turns. Admiral Chu has a 20% chance to counter attack.
Rank 4: Passive Reflect.png
Homeland Security
Admiral Chu's Special Attack also provides a buff to the crew that reflects 10% of the damage dealt for 2 turns.
Unlock quote

Admiral Chu is a character available during Week 1 of The Zapp Brannigan Event.

Unlock Requirements[edit | edit source]

Admiral Chu can be purchased from the shop for 60 Admiral Chu Disks Admiral Chu Disks during Week 1 of The Zapp Brannigan Event. He costs 390Purple Hearts to unlock, and an additional 975Purple Hearts to fully upgrade (Total: 1,365Purple Hearts).

Materials[edit | edit source]

10 Admiral Chu DiskAdmiral Chu Disk.png
Purchase for 65Purple Hearts from the shop.

Promotions[edit | edit source]

Promotions use Admiral Chu Disks instead of badges. The Nixonbucks cost is the same (see Levels for costs).

Rank 2: 10 Admiral Chu Disks Admiral Chu Disks
Rank 3: 40 Florp Disks Admiral Chu Disks
Rank 4: 100 Florp Disks Admiral Chu Disks

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