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The following is a list of artifacts in the game Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. The Ancient Artifacts are scattered across space and must be tracked down in order to open new districts.

Artifacts[edit | edit source]

Artifact Opens District Opens Planet
1 Omicron Persei 8 Artifact Artifact1Silhouette.png Artifact1.png Downtown District Mars
2 Mars Artifact Artifact2Silhouette.png Artifact2.png Central Park District The Moon
3 Moon Artifact Artifact3Silhouette.png Artifact3.png Fancy Shopping District Chapek 9
4 Chapek 9 Artifact Artifact4Silhouette.png Artifact4.png Red Light District Earth
5 Earth Artifact Artifact5Silhouette.png Artifact5.png Entertainment District Amazonia
6 Amazonia Artifact Artifact6Silhouette.png Artifact6.png Government District Decapod 10
7 Artifact7Silhouette.png Artifact7.png

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