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Each Character is assigned to 1 of 6 classes. Each class has a unique set of attributes which determine the character's overall stats, speed and special ability available during Combat. During combat, the order characters attack depends on the Speed of the class. Higher speed classes attack first.


Image Name Special Ability Max level HP Attack Defense Speed
JobCaptain.png Captain Attack Boost 99 3850 414 83 32
JobRobot.png Defender Defense Boost 99 4405 304 101 31
JobDeliveryBoy.png Delivery Boy Single Critical Attack 99 4127 359 92 33
JobInfluencer.png Influencer Party Heal 99 3627 203 83 32
JobRobot.png Robot Defense Boost 99 4405 304 101 31
JobScientist.png Scientist AOE Power Attack 99 3739 276 92 32
JobVillain.png Villain Enemy Defense Reduction 99 4127 359 92 32

Special Abilities

Special abilities can send additional attacks, heal the party or apply attack or defense buffs. When activated, buffs apply to all party members, last the duration of the current battle and can stack up to 3 times per class.

Class Name Description Stackable
Captain Captain Attack Boost 10% attack boost for all allies Yes (Max 3)
Delivery Boy Delivery Boy Single Critical Attack Critical attack (50% boost) on one enemy No
Influencer Influencer Party Heal Heals all allies for 10% of his health No
Defender Robot Defense boost 11% defense boost for all allies Yes (Max 3)
Scientist Scientist AOE Power Attack Critical attack (60% boost) on enemy party No
Villain Villain Enemy Defense Reduction 10% defense reduction for enemy party Yes (Max 3)

Recharge Rate

During battle, special abilities can only be used when charged up. Once used, the charge is depleted and must be recharged by either attacking or defending. Each Class recharges at varying rates.

Class Special Attack Regular Attack Defend
Captain Captain 20% 40% 40%
Delivery Boy Delivery Boy 20% 40% 40%
Influencer Influencer 7.25% 12.5% 12.5%
Robot Robot 20% 40% 40%
Scientist Scientist 5% 10%* 20%
Villain Villain 20% 40% 40%

* Scientists recharge at the rate of 10% per enemy:

Hitting 1 enemy will charge 10%
Hitting 2 enemies will charge 20%
Hitting 3 enemies will charge 30%
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