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MonCon 3018 Decorations[edit | edit source]

Week Icon Name Description Cost Additional Comments
1 Decoration MonsterCon 3018 Billboard.png MonsterCon 3018 Billboard SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! But also Monday-Saturday. 50 SWAG Tickets Size: 1x2
1 Decoration Loch Ness Monster & Crane.png Loch Ness Monster & Crane Nessie's back and we've got her. 400 SWAG Tickets Size: 2x2
1 Decoration Bone Vampire Forest.png Bone Vampire Forest Can't see the carnage for the trees. 400 SWAG Tickets Size: 6x6
1 Decoration Poisonous Froad.png Poisonous Froad Voted "Most Lickable Froad." 400 SWAG Tickets Size: 2x2
1 Decoration Green Monster in Left Field.png Green Monster in Left Field Better learn to play it. 400 SWAG Tickets Size: 2x3