Feldspar Queen

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Feldspar Queen
Feldspar Queen.png
Game Details
An Auditory Adventure
Collect Time:
50 Nixonbucks 35 XP
Build Details
Build time:
1h Build time
Initial Cost:
120 Pizza
Repeat Cost:
120 Pizza
6 x 11
The only deep space vessel powered by steam. Probably.

Feldspar Queen is a building in the game Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow, available during An Auditory Adventure as a purchasable premium collectable. It has a chance to drop Podcasts for Bender's Mom and Detachable Goatee for Flexo.

Character Unlock Materials[edit | edit source]

Drops Name Rarity Recipient
Podcasts.png Podcasts RareRare Bender's Mom
Detachable Goatee.png Detachable Goatee UncommonUncommon Flexo

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