First Amalgamated Church

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First Amalgamated Church
Building First Amalgamated Church.png
Game Details
Robot Hell On Earth
Collect Time:
8h 0m 0s
Earns (during event):
5 Robot Soul 60 XP
Build Details
Build time:
0s Build time
230 Pizza
Comes with Father Changstein El-Gamal
Always drops Wart of Omicronian (x1)
Pick a god, any god.

First Amalgamated Church is a building in the game Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow, obtainable during Episode 2: Robot Hell on Earth as a premium collectable. Bundled with Father Changstein El-Gamal. This building always drops Wart of Omirconian Wart of Omicronian.png (x1) which is needed to craft Spell Bombs.

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