Fishy Joe's

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Fishy Joe's
Fishy Joe's.png
Game Details
Collect Time:
110 Nixonbucks 70 XP
Build Details
Build time:
16h Build time
19,250 Nixonbucks
5 x 8
Try our pickled smelt with smelted pickles!

Fishy Joe's is one of the Buildings in the game Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow.

Character Unlock Materials

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Character Actions

Image Character Name
Fishy Joe's.png
Clamps Clamp Some Fish
Fishy Joe's.png
Doc Lobster Filet a Fish
Dwayne Select from the Mutant Menu.png
Dwayne Select from the Mutant Menu
Leela Protest Unsustainable Fishing.png
Leela Protest Unsustainable Fishing
NDTyson Look for Human Food.png
Neil deGrasse Tyson Look for Human Food
Vyolet Snack On the Leftovers.png
Vyolet Snack On the Leftovers

Character Event Actions

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