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The following is a list of goals in the game Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow.

Main Goals

  1. A Whole New World (of Tomorrow)!
  2. A Lesson in Robotics
  3. Fly Me to the Moon
  4. Organizational Shake Up
  5. Mutant Mayhem
  6. Amazonian Search Party

Planet Goals

  1. 4th Rock from the Sun
  2. No Moon Rock Unturned
  3. Return of the Robot Planet
  4. How Low Can You Go

Character Goals

Character Goal
Amazonian Amy All-Natural Woman
Amy Classing Up the Joint
Bender Some Assembly Required
Burglar Bender A Thief in the Byte
Calculon He's An Acting Machine
Cowboy Kif A New Sheriff
Fry Good To Great
Golden Bender Golden Bot
H. G. Blob White Picket Forcefield
Hedonismbot Pure Pleasure
Hermes Performance Review
Hyper-Chicken Kentucky Fried Justice
Kif Kroked Out
LaBarbara Spicy Marriage
Leela The Return of Leela
Leg Mutant Surface Leg
Nightlife Amy A Forgettable Night
Pharaoh Bender All Hail Pharaoh Bender
Robot Fry Mr. Robot
Scruffy Clean Sweep
Smitty Not on My Watch
URL Carry a Big Stick

Event Character Goals

Character Goal Event
Bachelor Fry The Bachelor Life Lrrr Strikes Back
Bee Bender Busy As a Bee Space Bee Weekend
Bender's Mom An Arm and No Leg An Auditory Adventure
Bill Nye Science For Dummies Getting Experimental
Billionairebot Sound Investment Robot Hell On Earth
Blatherbot Blather Mouth Robot Hell On Earth
Boxy Box Out All My Circuits
Chris Hardwick Nerd Empire An Auditory Adventure
Crushinator Crushed Feelings Quick Draw
Destructor Destructor for Hire Lrrr Strikes Back
Dwayne The Dwayne of Your Existence Lrrr Strikes Back
Father Changstein El-Gamal Religious Awakening Robot Hell On Earth
Fender Blown Out Speaker Robot Hell On Earth
Flexo Mechanical Burn An Auditory Adventure
Free Waterfall Jr. Slacktivism Lrrr Strikes Back
George Takei Oh My! The George Takei Experience
Ghost Bender Out of Body Experience Robot Hell On Earth
Ghost Calculon Calculon Revisited Robot Hell On Earth
Hattie McDoogal The End of the Kajigger Lrrr Strikes Back
Hookerbot Robot of the Night Robot Hell On Earth
Lee Lemon When Life Gives You Lee Lemon Lrrr Strikes Back
Lrrr Peaceful Invasion Lrrr Strikes Back
Malfunctioning Eddie What's Your Malfunction Lrrr Strikes Back
Mecha-Hermes Mechas Do It Better Lrrr Strikes Back
Monique Celebrity Couple All My Circuits
Mr. Peppy A Bone to Pick Lrrr Strikes Back
Ndnd A True FemiNdnd Lrrr Strikes Back
Neil deGrasse Tyson StarJar The George Takei Experience
Nixon and Agnew The Trickiest Dick Independence Day Weekend
Off-Duty URL Civilian Party Robot Hell On Earth
Pazuzu The Loyal Gargoyle Robot Hell On Earth
Preacherbot Eternal Damnation Robot Hell On Earth
Ramblin' Rodriguez Bitter Ramblings Quick Draw
Roberto Sharp as a Knife Robot Hell On Earth
Robot Devil Soul Collector Robot Hell On Earth
Robot Gypsy Crystal Clear Robot Hell On Earth
Robot Leela Mutant In Robot's Clothing Robot Hell On Earth
Shakespeare Calculon Set the Stage All My Circuits
Slurm Duke Fry The Drink of Dukes Sponsored by Slurm
Slurms MacKenzie The Original Party Worm Sponsored by Slurm
Stephen Hawking Breakthrough Discovery Getting Experimental
The Borax Kid Western Ways Quick Draw
Vyolet Mutant Rights Lrrr Strikes Back

Event Goals

Animal Instincts Weekend

The George Takei Experience

Episode 1: Lrrr Strikes Back

All My Circuits

Quick Draw

An Auditory Adventure

Getting Experimental

Episode 2: Robot Hell on Earth

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Additional premium goals