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Heist of the Millennium

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2. Heist of the Millennium
Wise Bots 2.png
Wise Bots
Corleone 5
Recommended Level:
Number of Paths:
Previous Mission:
The Big Score
Next Mission:
Sleeping With the Fishes
Steal your nerve.

Heist of the Millennium is the 2nd Event Mission on Corleone 5 during the Wise Bots event.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

First Time Repeat
5 Icon Chip Job Tera.png Tera Career Chip 5 Icon Chip Job Tera.png Tera Career Chip
260 Nixonbucks Nixonbucks 260 Nixonbucks Nixonbucks
24 Hypnoton Hypnotons 24 Hypnoton Hypnotons
100% Completion
5 Pizza
Combat Rewards
14 Nixonbucks

Paths[edit | edit source]

Path Fuel Path Locks Combats Cargo Drops
1 11 None 2 2 Common

Common Cargo BoxCommon Cargo Box.png Each box can contain:

36 Brass Knuckle.png Brass Knuckle
7(changed to 14) Bronze Bar.png Bronze Bar
7 Silver Bar.png Silver Bar
4 Gold Bar.png Gold Bar
5 Rubber Stamp.png Rubber Stamp

Map[edit | edit source]

Corleone 5 Map 2.png

Enemy Sprites[edit | edit source]

Enemies for this event have both Affinities and Passives. Enemy attacks have a chance to activate a passive for 2 turns. To see which passive each enemy can cast, visit Wise Bots Enemies.

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