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Home for the Holidays

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Home for the Holidays

14. Home for the Holidays
Mission A Time to Give Thanks Week 2.png
A Time to Give Thanks
Recommended Level:
Number of Paths:
Previous Mission:
After you come back from space.

Home for the Holidays is the 14th Event Mission on Earth during the A Time to Give Thanks event. It appears as a bonus mission after completing the side goal Nothing but Leftovers, Part 3.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Repeat Rewards First Time Rewards
6 Icon Chip Job Giga.png Giga Career Chip 6 Icon Chip Job Giga.png Giga Career Chip
10 XP 10 XP
Porcupine Decoration Porcupine.png
100% Completion
25 Pizza 10 XP
Combat Rewards

Paths[edit | edit source]

Path Fuel Path Locks Robot Feathers Wild Turkey Feathers Combats Interactions
1 15 None ? ? 4 0
2 15 None ? ? 3 0
3 15 None ? ? 3 0
4 18 None ? ? 5 0
5 18 None ? ? 6 0

Robot FeathersRobot Feather: Robot Feathers are obtained from defeating Robot Chickens and Robot Turkeys in battle. Each Robot Chicken drops 1 and each Robot Turkey drops 3.

Wild Turkey FeathersWild Turkey Feathers: Wild Turkey Feathers are obtained from defeating Wild Turkeys in the last combat node. Each Wild Turkey drops 2.

Map[edit | edit source]


Enemy Sprites[edit | edit source]

GiantBee idle.png
Buggalo idle.png
Robot Chicken idle.png
Robot Chicken
Robot Turkey idle.png
Robot Turkey
Wild Turkey idle.png
Wild Turkey

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