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Outfit For:
Delivery Boy Delivery Boy
Brave.png Brave
Cornwood Ascending
Leegola of Leisure
Combat Style:
Rank 2: Passive Attack.png
Leegola's Special Attack grants her a buff that increases her Attack by 50% for 1 turn
Rank 3: Passive Attack.png
On The Hunt
If there is only one enemy left, Leegola's Attack is increased by 50%
Rank 4: Passive Defend.png
If Leegola is the only crew member alive, her defense is reduced by 50% and she gains a 100% chance to Double Attack and 15% Lifesteal.
It's not my fault if you step on my droppings.

Leegola is an unlockable outfit available during the Cornwood Ascending event.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Leegola is a hermaphrodite centaur version of Leela living in Cornwood. As with Frydo, Leegola is only known by her name because she was named by Titanius Anglesmith. She was a member of the Fellowship.

See the full biography at [1].

Unlock Requirements[edit | edit source]

To unlock this outfit, the player must have previously unlocked Leela and constructed the Outfit-O-Matic. Creation Time: 0h 0m 1s

Materials[edit | edit source]

30 Leegola EssenceLeegola Essence.png RareRare
Collect from Act 3 Cornwood Missions Cargo Drops

Promotions[edit | edit source]

During the event, Promotions are purchased with event-specific materials instead of badges. The nixonbucks cost is the same (see Levels for costs).

Level 10: 10 Leegola Essence.png
Level 30: 40 Leegola Essence.png
Level 60: 100 Leegola Essence.png

Actions[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Time Cost Rewards Requirements
Leegola Tap Dance and Kick Action.png
Tap Dance and Kick
“Hoofing about...”
1h 0m 0s 35 Nixonbucks 23 XP
Planet Express Building.png
Groom Her Ponytail
“Brushing her locks...”
2h 0m 0s 65 Nixonbucks 40 XP
Rook Takes Pawnshop.png
Shop For Horseshoes
“Adorning her hooves...”
3h 0m 0s 80 Nixonbucks 54 XP
City Tower.png
Shoot an Arrow
“Letting it fly...”
4h 0m 0s 95 Nixonbucks 60 XP
Wield Two Swords
“Flourishing foils...”
6h 0m 0s 125 Nixonbucks 85 XP
Le Spa.png
Prance Around
“Dancing a jig...”
8h 0m 0s 155 Nixonbucks 105 XP

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Combat Sprites[edit | edit source]

Leegola idle.png
Leegola action.png
Leegola yay.png
Combat objects arrow.png

See More[edit source]

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