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The following is a list of missions in the game Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. Paths are listed from left to right, top to bottom on the map.

Main Storyline[edit | edit source]

Planet Mission Required Character(s) Path Locks Fuel Costs Map
Omicron Persei 8
Planet Omicron Persei 8.png
Cable Guy N/A Bender 10/15
OP8 1 Cable Guy.jpg
Planet Mars.png
Search Party Amy Wong Lv 3 Bender 19/18
Mars 1 Search Party.jpg
Cowboys in Space Amy Wong Lv 4 Robot Fry 17/18/19
Mars 2 Cowboys in Space.png
The Buggalo Bond Robot Fry Lv 6 Scruffy 19/19/19
Mars 3 The Buggalo Bond.png
A Hard Bargain Robot Fry Lv 6 Amy 22/18/21
The Moon
Planet Moon.png
The Moon's A Balloon Fry Lv 9 Fry 18/17/18
Moon 1 The Moon's a Balloon.jpg
Lunar Lunacy Bender Lv 10 Amy 18/18/19
Moon 2 Lunar Lunacy.jpg
Let's Be Careful Up There URL 23/26/27/28
Moon 3 Let's Be Careful Up There.jpg
Message in an Armband Bender
Moon 4 Message in an Armband.jpg
Chapek 9
Planet Chapek 9.png
Viva La Evolución Lv 10 Fry 25/22/21/22
C9 1 Viva La Revolucion.jpg
Insider Misinformation Lv 13 Hermes 22-25
C9 2 Insider Misinformation.jpg
Eye Opener Lv 13 Fry

Lv 13 Bender

C9 3 Eye Opener.jpg
Lug Nut Looters Burglar Bender Lv 15 Smitty 22-24
C9 4 Lug Nut Looters.jpg
Disrespect Your Elders Lv 14 Fry 25/25/24/26/26
C9 5 Disrespect Your Elders.jpg
Planet Earth.png
Emission Impossible Fry 24/22/18/22/25
Earth 1 Emission Impossible.jpg
Northern Explosure Leg Mutant

The Professor

Earth 2 Northern Explosure.jpg
Go East, Old Man Leg Mutant

The Professor

Earth 3 Go East, Old Man.jpg
Monster Bash Fry 21/21/19/24/21
Earth 4 Monster Bash.png
Planet Amazonia.png
No Planet for Old Men Leela Amazonian Amy21, Captain21, H. G. Blob22 39/39/41/42/43
Map No Planet for Old Men.jpg
Unleash Your Wild Side Amazonian Amy LaBarbara22, Leela22, Captain23 39/39/39/43/42
Map Unleash Your Wild Side.jpeg
Jungle Fever Amazonian Amy Fry23, Leg Mutant23, Captain24 39/41/41/44
Map Jungle Fever.jpeg
The Femputer of Oz Amazonian Amy

H. G. Blob


LaBarbara24, H. G. Blob24, Captain25 39/39/39/41/41
Map The Femputer of Oz.jpeg

iOS Exclusive Missions[edit | edit source]

Planet Mission Required Character(s) Path Locks Fuel Costs Map
Osiris 4
Osiris 4.jpg
Worship Tour 3017 Pharaoh Bender 16/13/16
Osiris 4 1 Worship Tour 3017.png

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