Nibblonian Soldier Fry

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Nibblonian Soldier Fry
Nibblonian Soldier Fry.png
Outfit For:
Delivery Boy Delivery Boy
Cool.png Cool
Premium Cost:
175 (Good News Everyone Mystery Box) Pizza
Combat Style:
Rank 2: Passive Attack.png
Defeat the Brains
Nibblonian Soldier Fry's attack is increased by 10% and he deals 25% more damage to Scientists
Rank 3: Passive Double Attack.png
Rapid Fire Defense
If Nibblonian Soldier Fry's health is below 50%, he has a 50% chance to double attack
Rank 4: Passive Attack Scientist.png
All-Out Attack
Nibblonian Soldier Fry's Special Attack also provides a buff to the crew that increases damage against Scientists, Delivery Boys and Villains by 40% for 2 turns
Unlock quote

Nibblonian Soldier Fry is an outfit available in the Good News Everyone Mystery Box.

Unlock Requirements[edit | edit source]

To unlock this outfit, the player must have previously unlocked Fry and constructed the Outfit-O-Matic.

Creation Time: 0h 0m 1s

Actions[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Time Cost Rewards Requirements

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Combat Sprites[edit | edit source]

Combat objects pizzaslice.png

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