Office Pets

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Office Pets
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Story type
Main Goal
Animal Instincts Weekend
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Animal Instincts

Office Pets is the goal of the Animal Instincts Weekend that rewards the player with Pimparoo for getting all the decorations.

Part 1

Description[edit source]

Amy searches for more pets.


Rewards[edit source]

Story[edit | edit source]

Amy Hey, Bender, wanna help me pick out some cute pets for Planet Express?

Bender Hello? If you're looking for cute, your search stops with me, Bender.

Amy I said "pets". And even if I said "vaguely humanoid bipeds", I'd still outcute you.

Bender Maybe. but I'm willing to run around on all fours if you rub my tummy.

Amy With all our new animals, Planet Express is now cuddletastic!

Bender Pfft. We got an owl and a snake. They only have a combined cuddliness score of about three.

Amy Not after the plastic surgery!

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