Road to Honor - Level 2

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17. Level 2
Cornwood Level 2.png
Cornwood Ascending
Recommended Level:
Number of Paths:
Previous Mission:
Level 1
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Level 3

Road to Honor - Level 2 is the second main Event Mission of the Fourth Act "Road to Honor" on Earth during the Cornwood Ascending event. It costs 1 Black Die to run this mission.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

First Time Repeat
550 Nixonbucks Nixonbucks 550 Nixonbucks Nixonbucks
35 Hypnoton Hypnotons 35 Hypnoton Hypnotons
1 Frydo Essence.png Frydo Essence
100% Completion
5 Pizza
Combat Reward Last Combat
Path 1 ?Icon Chip Job Tera.png ?Nixonbucks ?Icon Chip Job Peta.png ?Nixonbucks
Path 2 2Icon Chip Job Giga.png 1Icon Chip Job Tera.png 1215Nixonbucks 1Icon Chip Job Tera.png 1Icon Chip Job Peta.png 2395Nixonbucks
Path 3 1Icon Chip Job Peta.png 1740Nixonbucks 2Icon Chip Job Peta.png 3425Nixonbucks
Path 4 ?Icon Chip Job Tera.png ?Nixonbucks ?Icon Chip Job Tera.png ?Nixonbucks

Paths[edit | edit source]

Path Fuel Path Locks Combats Interactions Cargo Drops
1 18 None 4 1 1 Common Cargo Box.png
2 22 Ignus 38 5 1 1 Uncommon Cargo Box.png
3 24 Leegola 46 5 1 1 Rare Cargo Box.png
4 28 Great Wizard Greyfarn 59 6 1 1 Epic Cargo Box.png

Common Cargo BoxCommon Cargo Box.png

? Frydo Essence.png Frydo Essence

Uncommon Cargo BoxUncommon Cargo Box.png

2-3 Frydo Essence.png Frydo Essence

Rare Cargo BoxRare Cargo Box.png

4 Frydo Essence.png Frydo Essence

Epic Cargo BoxEpic Cargo Box.png

? Frydo Essence.png Frydo Essence

Map[edit | edit source]

Road to Honor - Level 2 Map.png

Space Interactions[edit | edit source]

For Cornwood Ascending missions, the interactions are random. Each one ends with a dice roll that has a possible payout of 1 Essence. Following is a list of possible interactions.

Dice Roll Disarray[edit | edit source]

Gotta like your odds.

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Enemy Sprites[edit | edit source]

The end of each mission has a boss fight which is more difficult, but pays out greater rewards. To see which passive each boss casts, visit Cornwood Ascending Enemies.

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