Runaway Crime

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Runaway Crime
Goal Runaway Crime.png
Story type
Side Goal
The New Justice Team

Runaway Crime is one of the goals in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. It is the first side goal of the The New Justice Team event.

Part 1

Description[edit source]

Reports of crime are on the rise.


  • Learn about Hero Medals

Rewards[edit source]

  • 100 Hero Points 500 XP

Story[edit | edit source]

Mayor Poopenmeyer I'm worried, URL. There's been a wave of robberies of incredibly valuable objects.

Mayor Poopenmeyer And as you know, nearly everybody in New New York owns an art gallery, a jewelry store or a museum. We've got to do something before my constituents turn on me!

URL You want me to beat your constituents into submission?

Mayor Poopenmeyer It's not a long term solution, but it's a start.

Hattie McDoogal You've got to do something, Mr. Mayor! There's a crazy person running around the city, frightening everybody with their vicious animals!

Mayor Poopenmeyer But you yourself frighten people with your cats, Ms. McDoogal.

Hattie McDoogal Correct! It's a turf war.

Hattie McDoogal And I expect you to stand up for your local animal-carrying crazy person!

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