What's Fair is Pharaoh

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What's Fair is Pharaoh
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Story type
Character Goal
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All Hail Pharaoh Bender

Part 1

Description[edit source]

Bender considers his options.


Rewards[edit source]

  • 75 Nixonbucks 50 XP

Story[edit | edit source]

Bender Maybe I'm not meant to be a robot. Perhaps I'm destined for something even greater!

Robot Fry But you always said nobody could be greater than Bender.

Bender Yeah, but after "nobody" I always whispered "see 1st footnote," and then at the end I whispered "1st footnote: nobody but Bender himself." See 2nd footnote.

Bender 2nd footnote: Fry is an idiot.

Robot Fry Whoa, nice headdress, Bender! Skirt's a little trampy though.

Pharaoh Bender These are the raiments of ancient Egyptian royalty, you clod. I've decided to become Pharaoh of the Middle Kingdom.

Robot Fry What's the Middle Kingdom?

Pharaoh Bender You're standing in it. So is everybody else.