Xmas of the Undead

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10. Xmas of the Undead
Mission Xmas of the Undead.png
An Xmas Xarol
Required Character:
Power Suit Fry
Recommended Level:
Number of Paths:
Previous Mission:
Xarol of the Bells
Next Mission:
Cold Welcome
Let's keep the holidays alive.

Xmas of the Undead is the tenth Event Mission on Neptune during the An Xmas Xarol event.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Repeat Rewards First Time Rewards
1 Icon Chip Job Tera.png Tera Career Chip 2 Icon Chip Job Tera.png Tera Career Chip
1 Red Star Ruby.png Red Star Ruby 5 Red Star Ruby.png Red Star Ruby
9 Santa Medal Santa Medals 54 Santa Medal Santa Medals
5 Hypnoton Hypnotons 5 Pizza Pizza
100% Completion
25 Pizza 5 Dreidal Medal.png Dreidal Medals
Combat Rewards
3 Santa Medal Santa Medals
Last Node: 5 Santa Medal Santa Medals

Paths[edit | edit source]

Path Fuel Path Locks Combats Interactions
1 11 None 4 0

Red Star RubyRed Star Ruby.png: EpicEpic chance

Main Path:
Robot Reindeer chance to drop 3
Killbots chance to drop 2
Space Pirate and Space Bee chance to drop 1
Last Node:
Robot Reindeer, Killbots, Space Pirate and Space Bee chance to drop 1

Chanukah Zombie:

Chanukah Zombie is a new villian that will appear in the last combat node. He will only take damage when there are no other enemies protecting him and has the special ability to spawn new enemies. When defeated, he drops 1 Dreidal Medal.png.
Chanukah Zombie About.png

Map[edit | edit source]


Story[edit | edit source]

Chanukah Zombie You can't kill the undead.

Chanukah Zombie You thought I would show up to this fight alone?

Chanukah Zombie You can't extinguish this fire.

Chanukah Zombie I can't celebrate Chanukah alone!

Chanukah Zombie Stop, Robot Santa will kill me!

Enemy Sprites[edit | edit source]

GiantBee idle.png
Space Bee
RobotPirates 1 idle.png
Space Pirate
Robot Reindeer idle.png
Robot Reindeer
Killbot idle.png
Chanukah Zombie idle.png
Chanukah Zombie

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